This Full Moon in innovative Aquarius, Thursday, Aug 15, at 5:29am PST, illuminates the part of the sky that longs to merge with a “soul tribe”, community, or circle of like-minded individuals. A part of that journey is recognizing the part of yourself that stands out from the crowd (Sun opposite in Leo), so that you can find people who embrace your unique “signature”. The more willing you are to be seen for your unique talents and gifts (Leo) the more magnetic you become to allying yourself with your soul family (Aquarius). The Moon is always there to shed light on what you need to feel “at home” in the world.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is aligned with the Sun in Leo under the light of this Full Moon, reminding you of the power of self love. This is a magical time to anoint yourself in a sacred act of self love. Full Moon’s are connected with endings, completions, and allowing energies to culminate, so it may be time for you to release a sacred part of your journey and honor who you’ve become in the process. Celebrate your inner beauty.

Mercury, planet of the lower mind, and Uranus, planet of the higher mind, clash in a tense fixed square on Friday, Aug 16, at 10:06am PST, so be mindful of explosive arguments, accidents on the road (Mercury governs your daily commutes), and mental agitation. Uranus governs crowds, so you may want to avoid angry mobs, just to be safe. You may be forced into a confrontation where you have to speak your truth, but recognize that it may not be well received. This, too, shall pass.

The Sun enters Virgo on Friday, Aug 23, and there will be an alluring Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo on Aug 24, where they will make a heart-centered alliance behind the face of the Sun. Important partnerships are forming now, and they may influence your daily rhythm, your work life, and/or introduce you to healthy habits that elevate your self-esteem and the way you see yourself in the world. Romance and marital bonds begun under this auspicious alliance promise to have a no-nonsense level of devotion to them.

Venus brings an unexpected or unusual blessing into your life when she trines Uranus on Aug 26, and Mars puts it all into motion when he follows up with a trine to Uranus on Aug 28. Be open to unexpected openings and developments in this last week of August.

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A Black Moon is the second New Moon in one month, and this Black New Moon falls on the heels of the eclipse cycle, denoting powerful new beginnings. This New Moon at 8 degrees in the dramatic sign of Leo, Wednesday, July 31, tugs at your heart strings and brings out your more creative side. Leo wakes you up to your need for fun, joy, and playful self-expression. It’s also the sign associated with romance and rules the heart and spine in the physical body. But at it’s core, Leo reminds you to take the center stage of your life, to honor your gifts, and to bring those gifts to LIFE !

Venus, the planet of love, aligns with this New Moon behind the Sacred Heart of the Sun, bringing forth the idea that in order to connect with love in all aspects of your life, you have to move through and from your most authentic Self. How can you most fully align with your Truth? By moving from that place of authenticity, you align your heart with the gifts of Venus (love, money, pleasure, and ease). How can you be more You?

Generous Jupiter at 14 Sag forms a harmonious trine with the New Moon, lighting the wick of enthusiasm in your heart and helping you to connect with your personal ideals. Teachers and mentors may come into your life at this time to help guide you on your journey. You may also find inspiration through books and travel, as you expand your mind and your horizon. Jupiter may also represent a person of “elevation” or “means” who comes into your life or awareness to offer you blessings. Practice gratitude.

Shock and surprise planet, Uranus, at 6 Taurus, stirs the pot with a tense square to the New Moon. You are either the bringer or receiver of a shake-up. Uranus demands freedom, rigorous honesty and authenticity, and evolution. If you’ve been stuck in a “holding pattern” or inability to make a firm decision, Uranus is going to get things unstuck, even if he has to throw thunderbolts and lightening to get your attention. You can empower yourself by taking the reins and making those bold moves on your own terms.

Mercury in Cancer turns stationary direct at 8:12 pm PST on the day of the New Moon. Your mind has taken a trip through the heart and the subconscious and you will finally begin to feel a clear perspective on the past, your own inner workings, and what you need to feel at home in the world. The wounded healer, Chiron, in Aries, blesses you this New Moon with the healing balm of “self awareness”. With clarity and courage on your side, you reunite with your sense of wholeness.

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The Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16, is packing quite a punch with an alignment of the karmic South Node, Pluto, and Saturn. Pluto brings important karmic endings and closures, while Saturn represents those in positions of “authority”, the titles you hold, the establishments you work in or are a member of, and the elders in your life. These are the areas of life where you are likely to see karmic closures. The Sun in Cancer aligned with love planet, Venus, beckons you to step into your heart space, reclaim your innocence, and follow the path of joy. Sometimes you have to “step down” to step up. Sometimes you have to let go and release in order to receive and renew.

Venus and Neptune form an auspicious water trine on July 18, blessing your life with a new vision, artistic expression, deep heart connections, and the ability to surrender to the process. It’s when you surrender (Neptune) that the magic can pour into your life. Music, art, film, and theatre can help you to tap into the emotional state that attracts more joy, love, and pleasure. Connections made now are deeply spiritual in nature.

Strong-willed Mars and optimistic Jupiter form a fortuitous fire trine on July 25, granting you permission to go forward with a plan or project with gusto. This is a time when you can take action and get the results you seek. Mars is a planet that helps you to know yourself and what you need, while Jupiter lends you the generous optimism and luck to see you through. Couple that with the element of fire (Leo and Sag respectively) and you have the dynamism to make dramatic moves.

Two important dates for receiving and giving communication are July 21, when Mercury slips behind the Sun, bringing clarity to a situation, and July 25, when Mercury conjuncts Venus, with news of love, money, and/or forgiveness. Mercury urges you to see things from all perspectives with an open and curious mind.

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The Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of watery Cancer, visible in South America, happens at 12:16 PST on July 2. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes this Solar Eclipse extra potent. During a Solar Eclipse, the power of the Moon (subconscious) sublimates the Sun (conscious), breaking down the dam to the hidden psyche, releasing a flood of deep emotions, buried feelings, and hidden memories to the surface. If you’ve been disconnected from your deepest soul needs, and what gives you true nourishment, then this eclipse will act as a catalyst to wake you up.

Cancer is connected to your sense of “home”, the feeling of where you belong, your ancestral roots, your immediate tribe, and your family. Changes of residence or within the home/family/tribe dynamic may occur. A situation may arise that causes you to spend more time at home or otherwise “removed” from worldly endeavors, to cultivate a renewed sense of well-being.

This Eclipse stands across the sky from Saturn in worldly Capricorn in conjunction with the karmic South Node. You may be confronted by the reality of what you’ve achieved, your current goals against the backdrop of your present “Calling”, or responsibilities/burdens that are ready to be released. Certain authority figures may decide to step down, elders may transition out of their earthly incarnation, and the sextile to Uranus may bring these changes suddenly and without warning. The trine to Neptune helps you to surrender to the belief that all is unfolding for the higher good of all.

It’s important not to fight the desire to turn within, stand still, and tap into the world of your dreams. Your deepest inner voice is ready to be heard. Trust your “gut” and open yourself to new opportunities and alliances that align with your deepest inner thirst. This Solar Eclipse is aligned with the North Node, and new people and circumstances are prepared to sweep you to new ground.

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This powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius, on Monday, June 17, conjuncts the Galactic Center of our Milky Way, disrupting habitual emotional/thought patterns and spraying down an energetic burst of visions for a New Paradigm. You may be feeling emotionally charged and unsteady as your mind and heart break free from an established rhythm and set you off onto a bumpy journey into unknown territory.

Mental Mercury conjunct fiery Mars in feeling-oriented Cancer, brings more meaning to the phrase, “trust your gut” right now. Your words are loaded with strong emotion right now, so be mindful of tact and diplomacy when you speak. There may be no way around having to have an important conversation right now, as this conjunction opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This is about having to confront a powerful person, establishment, or entity and state your truth. Sagittarius is the great Truth Seeker, and with the Moon highlighting this part of the sky, discovering and speaking your truth become paramount to your sense of integrity and well-being. Be aware though, that Pluto brings closures and endings. It may be that as you come to discover or speak your truth, you initiate an ending. Sit with this possibility so that you can move forward from a place of empowerment.

Spirited Jupiter and dreamy Neptune perfect their ongoing square during this Full Moon, fogging up the path ahead and making you feel unsure of your next step. Even if you feel completely confident, you may be walking into a field that you were unprepared for. Retro Jupiter is encouraging you to turn within and evaluate your motives and goals, while Neptune encourages you to question your beliefs. Where are you limiting yourself? Where do you notice a habitual response to similar stimuli?

Pragmatic Saturn dances in a harmonious sextile with Neptune, so that even as the path ahead feels uncertain, you are able to bring your established wisdom and experience to the situations as they arise and move forward from a place of self-awareness and maturity. Your inner authority can help guide your dreams into something that is tangible and realistic.

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This New Moon in busy Gemini on Monday, June 3, will have you reaching out and connecting with others in new and exciting ways. This New Moon is especially active, with Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, in his home sign. This is about communication and using the power of your mind, voice, and perception, to see various possibilities. There is an extra potent Mutable T-square activating your mind (Mercury), your aspirations (Jupiter), and your beliefs (Neptune). All of these planets are in their home sign, or dignity, which increases the strength of the powers playing out, which will lead you to the Eclipse Cycle next month, where ideas explored now will bear fruit this summer.

Beware of “fishy” deals and dubious individuals who leave you feeling unclear about their motivations (Neptune square the Sun/Moon and Mercury/Jupiter). These are energy drains to avoid. On the other hand, this is a time to reach for something beyond what you’ve been doing up until now (Jupiter) which will require you to break through self-sabotaging beliefs and surrender to Trust and Divine Wisdom (Neptune). This mutable energy challenges you to move like bamboo in the wind — strong, yet flexible and deeply rooted in your Truth.

Business and romantic connections made at this time may bring you more blessings in the long run than anticipated, as Venus explores fortuitous connections with Saturn (the boss, the CEO, the one who holds it all together) and Pluto (other people’s money/assets, power, blessed endings/beginnings). You may find just the right support and/or resources to move you closer to your goals.

Mars trines Neptune and sextiles Saturn on June 13, lending you the strength and support to embody a cherished Dream and put it into action. This may come from giving or receiving an act of charity/generosity. Take the time to visualize what you’d like to see yourself “doing” or “accomplishing” and really try to feel it in your bones. Practicing these positive visualizations are going to help concretize this vision into form.

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The transformative Full Moon at 27 Scorpio on Saturday, May 18, adds emotional depth and complexity to your relationships and joint finances. It is also illuminating the areas of your life that govern sexuality, intimacy, and all things “taboo” ( i.e death, the occult, shame, fear, obsession, etc.). You are in the process of peeling back the layers of your psyche, getting closer to that sweet nugget of truth that will set you free.

Pluto, contemporary ruler of Scorpio, hastens to support this transformative effort by making a sweet sextile to the Full Moon. What is ready to leave will begin to slip away with greater ease, and what is ready to be reborn will begin to make itself known. Pluto is in solid Capricorn, conjunct stoic Saturn and the karmic South Node, making this Full Moon culmination a time to release and rebuild. The Sun in Taurus reminds you to continue to nurture those roots that you’d like to see grow, while Neptune in Pisces sextile Saturn will lend you the Vision to move forward with Faith.

Love planet Venus collides with fated Uranus at 4 Taurus on the day of the Full Moon. Pay attention to newcomers that enter the picture now. There is an element of surprise and fate connected to romance, partnerships, and money matters now. This may be welcome or disdained depending on how it plays out in your individual chart. But rest assured, there is a little bit of a shake-up happening that will be good for your personal growth in the long-term.

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, fireballed his way into mothering Cancer on May 15, bringing that warrior energy to the home front. If there are projects that are waiting for your attention around the house, the next couple of months are a good time to dig in. This is also prime time to stand up for the rights of women, children, and mother earth. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, and this Full Moon highlights issues around a woman’s right (Mars in Cancer) to control her generative capabilities. There are times when Mars (the warrior) serves to armor the Sacred Feminine (Cancer). If Scorpio could teach you one thing, it would be this: You are powerful beyond measure. Don’t ever forget it.

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The exalted New Moon in sensual Taurus, Saturday, May 4, commences the next 28 day Moon Cycle, where you are called to slow down, reconnect to the five senses, and embody the present moment. Charitable Neptune harmonizes with this New Moon in an excitable sextile aspect, prompting acts of generosity and compassion, especially regarding money/assets. Taurus enjoys making, and (he-hem), spending money, so consider spending your money with Taurean “makers” and their goods/services: jewelers, florists, sound healers, natural fabric clothing, homemade soaps/body products, organic foods, etc. Share a fresh meal with friends. Remember to hug each other deeply.

Reliable Saturn in Capricorn creates a harmonious trine with the New Moon, helping to add long-term value to efforts put forth now. Saturn represents delayed gratification. With this Saturn blessing, it may be that what you’ve earned over time and effort now becomes manifest during this Moon Cycle. Remain open to the karmic blessings.

Magnanimous Jupiter and warrior Mars face-off in an opposition, pushing you to expand and grow in new directions. With a square from Neptune it may feel unclear about how to go about that, or it may be tied to an element of “loss”. Slow down, create an attitude of gratitude, and wait for the “invitation” to move forward. Call on your inner guidance to speak to you, and just remember that it may come in the form of another person.

On Monday, Mercury shifts from Aries to Taurus. Mercury, the messenger planet of the everyday conscious mind, conjuncts Uranus, planet of the universal cosmic conscious mind, on Wednesday, May 8, so you can expect a sudden and surprising insight, message, or communication next week. The next day, lovely Venus in Aries trines lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius, which could bring a golden opportunity for expansion. Venus also squares Pluto and Saturn, which means you’ll have to fight to declare your worth in the face of old demons and “authority” figures. A Moon Cycle through Taurus is always asking you to reclaim your self-worth and love the skin you’re in.

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We’ve now entered the second Full Moon in Libra — the sign of relationships, art, and beauty — at the last critical degree, or anaretic degree, of this sign. The energy of the 29th degree heralds profound completions and endings, especially as it relates to relationship and contractual bonds. In what area of life do you feel the need to bring an agreement or commitment to an end? It may even be letting go of a particular style, or a once beloved treasure, to make room for something closer to your heart and your purpose. It may not be easy to let go of something once deeply loved and/or cherished, but with the opposition of Uranus to this Moon you feel compelled to move forward toward what is most authentic and true for you NOW.

The Cardinal Grand Cross with the Sun/Moon, Pluto, and the Nodes, underscores a sense of urgency around shifts that need to happen, as pressure builds and structures that were once solid and contained, begin to break open and fall. If you can conjure up the image of giving birth, there’s a force of energy that takes over the body of the mother until she opens and releases the gem inside of her. This is what the energy is like right now. A great karmic releasing and simultaneously, birthing, wants to happen now.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, also transits the anaretic degree of Pisces and squares retro Jupiter in Sag, echoing this idea of bringing commitments/bonds to an end. This also suggests a layer of non-disclosure, or a more hidden intent. So it may be that you have made a bold decision, but that it will not be highly visible (Pisces) to the broader world (retro Jupiter) quite yet. (Stay tuned on more of that in future forecasts.)

Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini, try on each other’s clothes in a relationship called “mutual reception,” where the ruler of each sign trades places with the other. As these planets work together, you can expect more bold and forthright exchange of ideas. Your thought processes may be running faster than you’re able to keep up with it at times, and you are less hesitant to banter or tell someone what you think. Channel this energy into learning something new, especially something that just lights (or fires) you up. When Venus slides into Aries on the 20th, you’ll be clear about wanting what you want when you want it. Take care of “you,” but don’t forget to pay attention to the one’s around you.

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The New Moon in action-oriented Aries, Thursday, April 5, is turning up the heat on your need to take a BOLD step in a new direction. Supported by high-minded, lucky Jupiter in far-reaching Sagittarius, this Moon Cycle favors exploring outside your comfort zone. Start listening to those who have gone on before you. Actively seek inspiration and words of wisdom. You may be struck by a sudden “knowing-ness” in your heart while physically engaged, i.e. hiking, yoga, biking, weight lifting, or anything that gets the blood moving (Mars, ruler of Aries, governs blood).

Pluto, lord of the underworld, merges with the South Node of the Moon, driving you to the core of your deepest “issues,” dancing you with these “Shadows” until you are compelled to shake loose. Something has got a hold on you, subconsciously or consciously, and it’s time to get free. Because the Pluto/South Node alignment squares (challenges) this New Moon, a part of making this new move will be letting go of an attachment that no longer serves you; be it a habit, mode of thinking, person, place, or situation. If you’ve never seen yourself as strong or powerful, now is the time to rewrite that script. Now is the time for you to step into the heart of the warrior, into your inner Aries.

Energetic Mars, ruler of Aries, has moved into communicative Gemini. Give voice to what you are feeling (Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces). Start sharing your ideas, feedback, and goals with those you deem a part of your tribe. And most importantly, don’t forget to listen. Effective communication is a two-way street.

Venus and Neptune merge on Tuesday, April 9, making this an ideal time to express yourself creatively, romantically, or altruistically. This energy is love at its highest octave, in its most pure and unadulterated state. The next day, Jupiter turns retrograde in Sag until Aug 11. This is the planning phase for future expansion. Don’t rush the process, but do take strategic risks to stay aligned with your new trajectory.

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