This Reading is for You if…

you are committed to personal growth and open to self-discovery. An Evolutionary Astrology Reading is not aimed at predictions, per se, but rather using the particular energy of the planetary transits to manifest the highest potential of the present moment. This is an intimate conversation between guide and seeker, and everything shared in your session is strictly confidential.

This Reading is not for you if…

you are looking for a “fortune teller” or someone who will take the steering wheel for you. If you are uninterested in exploring deep conversation and moving into the context of past lives, karma, soul contracts, and your highest potential, then this is not the Reading for you. An Evolutionary Astrology Reading from me requires an intimate level of trust and surrender to the process from both of us.

I offer Readings…

At my NE PDX studio office in the Woodlawn neighborhood, in person, or remotely via Zoom (a free online app for business meetings). Book your Reading on the Services page.

Current office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10-2:00. I will send you an email to schedule your session after you select your service, or you can contact me by filling out the Contact form.

*I also offer Personal Readings sent to your email in written format if you can’t make my office hours.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all! Just fill out the contact form and I usually respond within 24 hours.

I am really looking forward to connecting with you…

Nitai Mitchell


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